Hello Parents, Guardians, and Community Stakeholders,

As St. Mark moves to a cashless and paperless school, there will be items that may appear in your School Cash Online account that you DO NOT HAVE TO USE AND/OR PURCHASE.

Some items may show up and be available for purchase throughout the school year either for one purchase or multiple purchases. The newly created Library – Lost Book Payments item is one such item of multiple purchases. This will be available throughout the year in the event you have lost a book and need to pay the replacement cost. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM, BUT THIS ITEM WILL NOT DISAPPEAR. Even after purchasing the item for a lost book, the item will still show up in the event you may lose another book and need to purchase it again.

An example of a one time purchase item would be the student fee requested for Student Agendas. This was a one time only purchase item available through School Cash Online to cover the cost of Student Agendas for every applicable student, therefore the item disappeared after purchasing but may still show up for students that didn’t use School Cash Online for this item but chose to pay directly instead.

Often permission forms are included with the trip fee, but not always. When there is no fee for the trip but permission is still required, a Permission Form item may be created. In this case there would be no cost associated with the “purchase” of the item. By “purchasing” a zero cost item, you are simply submitting it and there are no associated charges with it. Starting the next school year, most, if not all, September start up forms will be offered online as a zero cost item including permission forms, medical forms, etc.

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to make the necessary changes.

Chad Neufeldt
St. Mark Administrative Assistant